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Kindergarten Program at Nashoba Montessori

Children age 5

In a Montessori environment, the emphasis is on individual growth. This previous foundation makes the transition into the more advanced academic work so much easier for your child. This transition occurs naturally during the kindergarten year in a Montessori environment, and it occurs without stress or pressure.

  • Advanced work as a child is ready
  • Field trips
  • African Drumming
  • Yoga
  • Play Performance
  • Community service projects

Montessori is a continuum of education that allows your child to build upon their experiences each year. Your child will stay in the Primary classroom for 3 years, including the traditional “kindergarten year” – when learning comes to fruition. Reading and writing come to life from sounds and symbols. They are introduced to advanced number concepts and the decimal system. Children leave the program with a strong set of academic skills, but far more importantly, with the attitude that learning is fun, exciting and boundless.

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