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Nashoba Montessori Classrooms and Programs

Program Offerings – Lancaster & Northborough


Early drop off:      8:15-8:50
Half-day session:    8:50-11:45
Full-day session:      8:50-2:45


Early drop off:      8:00-8:50
Half-day session:    8:50-11:50
Full-day session:      8:50-2:50

Lancaster & Northborough

Kindergarten / Firstie Program

5 Morning Sessions + Tue/Thu extended day

Additional extended days available

student learning nashoba montessori lancaster ma

Program Offerings – Lancaster & Northborough

3, 4, 5 Morning Sessions  9am – 12pm



4 Extended Days  Mon-Thursday  12pm – 3pm



 Kindergarten / Firstie Program
     5 Morning Sessions + Tue/Thu extended day   Mon – Friday  9am – 12pm/3pm
      Additional extended days available   Mon/Wed  12pm – 3pm



 Optional Student Care
     Before School Care  Mon – Friday  8am – 9am
     After school Care  Mon – Thurs  3pm – 4pm
student learning nashoba montessori lancaster ma


Serves children ages 2.9 years- 5 years.

The first year, your child learns to refine basic social, sensory and physical skills. Your child will explore and make work choices that are of interest.
The second year lends itself to cultivating the beginnings of leadership and role modeling for the younger students.
The exciting third year (Kindergarten) culminates as a leadership year. Your child will continue to practice and expand upon, the many skills gained through the 3 year cycle.


Serves children age 5

In a Montessori environment, the emphasis is on individual growth which allows for cognitive development based on a firm foundation of sensory and motor skill training. This foundation makes the transition into the more advanced academic work so much easier for your child. This transition occurs naturally during the kindergarten year in a Montessori environment, and it occurs without stress or pressure of extrinsic praise.

  • Advanced work as a child is ready
  • Field trips
  • African Drumming
  • Yoga
  • Play Performance
  • Community service projects

First Grade Prep. Program (Firstie)

Serves children age 6, combined with the Kindergarten Group

Repetition of the Kindergarten year builds mastery and confidence. Your child may have a late summer birthday or may simply need another year to develop before entering the rigors & expectations of First Grade.
This is an opportunity for your child to continue challenging themselves at their level & pace. Rich curriculum topics, hands-on learning, small group size and further occasion for leadership and self-confidence building.

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