Nashoba Montessori School
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Nashoba Montessori Classrooms and Programs
                                                                            Program Offerings

 3 Morning Sessions: 2.9 - 3 years  Tue/Wed/Thu  9am – 12pm
 5 Morning Sessions: 2.9 - 4 years  Mon-Friday  9am – 12pm
 3 Full Day Sessions: 2.9 - 3 years  Tue/Wed/Thu  9am – 3pm
 5 Full Day Sessions: All ages   Mon - Friday  9am - 3pm
     Extended Days: 2.9 - 4 years  Mon-Thursday  12pm-3pm
 Kindergarten / Firstie Program: 5 - 7 years    
     5 Morning Sessions + Tue/Thu extended day   Mon - Friday  9am - 12pm/3pm
      Addt'l extended days   Mon/Wed/Fri  12pm - 3pm
 Optional Student Care (all ages)    
     Before School Care  Mon - Friday  8am - 9am
     After school Care  Mon - Friday  3pm - 5:30pm

Kindergarten Program

5/6 years
The kindergarten program provides a cohesive continuation and culmination of skills mastered over the prior two years. The program provides exciting extensions, enrichment activities, and field trips expanding upon the Montessori materials and methods which are the basis of their daily morning work.

Firstie Program (1st grade prep) 

6-7 years

Firstie Program is an opportunity to offer challenging material and information to children who have participated in a kindergarten program and may or may not meet the public school cut-off date. Or for those children who may just need another year to grow. The children will continue to thrive and grow socially, developmentally and academically without halting or hindering his or her individual learning pace and style.  This extra year lends itself to a natural and successful progression into a first grade class.

Field trips are the special privilege of the Kindergarten/Firstie group, designed to provide enrichment activities beyond the classroom walls as well as independence and confidence in different environments and social situations. Group projects are a wonderful way to encourage cooperation, caring and commitment to the school community.


"A child's musical taste is formed early in life so we should provide an environment rich in beautiful music and high quality instruments."  Michael Olaf

Artist in Residence

Nan Gibbons is a teaching artist affiliated with the New York Metropolitan Opera Guild specializing in drama, music, art & literature. 

French and Chinese Language Study

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